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Feb 06 - Mar 06, 2021 VARESE


ARTIST Jean-marc Amigues, Claudio Filippini, Andrea Gnocchi

GALLERY punto sull'arte

America is narrated through the voices of three artists who have mostly chosen the urban landscape as their subject.

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Jan 20 -  Mar 10, 2021 MILANO

Leaving No Trace

ARTIST  Ditte Ejlerskov & Pedro Matos

GALLERY  Galleria Bianconi

A double solo show of two international artists, according to a project focused on the process of subtraction and cancellation of the image in contemporary painting.

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Jan 08 - Mar 12, 2021 ROMA

In and Against the War on Terra

ARTIST Oliver Ressler

GALLERY The Gallery Apart

Works focused on the climate justice movements and forms of resistance to the wrecking of the Earth’s climate – and the basis of human existence.
「気候の公平性」運動と地球気候の破滅に抵抗する姿にフォーカスした作品展 - 人間存在の基礎

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Feb 10 - 17 Mar 17, 2021 RAVENNA

solstizio d'inverno

ARTIST Piero Pizzi Cannella

GALLERY Istituzione Biblioteca Classense

In the scope of Ascoltare Bellezza 2020-2021, hommage to Dante, the artist exhibits a great painting in the space with  precious mosaic floor of the 6th century.

ガレリアチェレステgalleriaceleste galleries in it

Feb 14 - Apr 03, 2021 PALERMO


ARTIST Francesco De Grandi – Daniele Franzella

GALLERY Rizzutogallery

Eighty drawings and one song.  An artistic world for the adult audience produced by four artists.




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